VenoLife Compression Stockings - The Ultimate Comfort and Style

Looking after your legs is a crucial part of securing a healthy feature. That is why we designed Venolife Compression Hosiery for the maximum protection, excellent wearing comfort and for the stylish looks.

VenoLife improves the blood circulation in the legs, reduces oedema by gently squeezing the legs and pushes the venous blood back towards the heart. The controlled gradient compression provides maximum pressure at the ankles, decreasing gradually going up the leg.

With VenoLife you no longer have tired and heavy legs. VenoLife Compression Stockings reduces the leg ulcer recurrence and discomfort of varicose vein.

Using the latest technology and very smooth yarns, VenoLife Compression Stockings achieves the exceptional softness and stiffness.


VenoLife Anti-embolizm Stockings - The Ultimate Fit

VenoLife Anti-thrombosis Hosiery is designed for prevention, before, during and after surgery.

The graduated compression prevents blood viscosity and consequently thrombosis formation. The compression is 18-20 mmHg at the ankle. All models have inspection toe.

HAZEL's VenoLife Compression and Anti-embolizm Stockings are manufactured at highest international medical standards with CE mark.