About Us

About Us



Hazel is providing the best care to the society in orthopedic supports and orthosis, vascular support (medical compression stockings and anti-embolism products), wound care products and medical disposals.

We provide the best:

Compression stockings and wound care products from (UK), orthopedic supports and compression stockings from (Germany), orthopedic supports from (Scotland), anti-embolism and compression stockings from Italy), DVT prevention devises from.(UK), electro stimulators from (France), urine bags from Denmark and recently legendary orthopedic supports, SPORLASTIC Orthopeadics and OPED Rom Walkers from (Germany).

BERGER Orthopedics and VenoLife Compression Stockings are our private brands, premium quality at very competitive prices.

We carry the CE Mark for all our products as quality assurance protocol.

We as Hazel ?    Have the widest network of doctors and retailers in Turkey.

Our sales teams mainly located in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa. We provide field training of sales staff and the retailers, on a regular basis and on request.

You can see Hazel in major national medical exhibitions and also are proud to participate in various Medical Congresses and Seminars on orthopedics, cardio-vascular and phlebology branches every year.

We are proud to contribute to the field of medicine as support the professional development of doctors, and sponsoring their participation in the related medical congress and the seminars nationwide and internationally.